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Our African Warriors from Kenya gave holidaymakers at Butlin's #Minehead a taste of what to expect if they visit our fabulous big top this summer... 🎪🌞

2 hours ago
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We love making friends with the Butlins staff! Great team and great friends here @officialbutlins
#mightyminehead #butlins #gandeys #gandeyscircus #friends #liveentertainment #circus #minehead ... See more

14 hours ago

Goodnight from the beautiful Butlin's #Minehead 😍

20 hours ago

It's #WorldEmojiDay... and our favourite has to be this one: 🎪! Here's two of our big tops currently at Butlin's - but do you like the #MightyMinehead tent best, or do you think #SkegnessRocks ... See more

1 day ago

Three blondes walk into a Butlin's! The #BognorIsBest team are ready for a packed day preparing for our big top circus... 💪

1 day ago

#MightyMinehead having an absolute blast in rehearsals for Butlin's! 😁 you know it's going to be a good one when the cast and crew are having this much fun...

1 day ago
Ice-rinks, fairgrounds and circuses are being lined up for this town centre site

"These attractions give people another reason to visit the town centre. If they are coming to see a circus or a show they are going spend money in the town. Things like this are really important for ... See more

Up to four events could be held every year - and each one can run for a month

2 days ago
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The first stop for our Butlin's #Skegness crew on their day off yesterday had to be the ice-cream stall 🍦🍦🍦 #SkegnessRocks

2 days ago

Don't worry, it's not just #Minehead and #Skegness Butlin's getting all the action - we can confirm Gandeys Circus has now arrived at #Bognor too! #BognorIsBest