Some of our Artistes


The flying artistes who are the top act of the circus. Strong athletic men and women in sparkly costumes flying high above the applause of the crowd. The trapeze artists swing back and forward across the circus ring performing somersaults and catches.


The clowns are the one of the most recognisable of circus acts. A main part of the event they entertain the crowd while the arena is being prepared for other artists. Although the clowns may put on a silly act, they are hugely talented performers. Many of them can tumble, juggle and fire-eat and at least one will be able to ride a unicycle.


Juggling is a skill you CAN try to learn at home where learning to juggle three balls is a real achievement. Jugglers in the circus can do way more than that. Several balls at one time, clubs, hoops, burning sticks, knives – they juggle an extraordinary range of items.